Line / Shift engineer

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Днепропетровская область, Донецкая область, Ивано-Франковская область, Киевская область, Львовская область
Инженеры, Технологи
15000 грн.
Вид занятости:
Полная занятость
График работы:
Вахтовый метод
Опыт работы:
6 лет и выше

Описание резюме


Address: Alfalaky, Alexandria, Egypt
Phone Number: +201114101401/+201003543616

Career Objective: An active & ambitious career in position relevant to Mechanical engineering, as I worked as Maintenance engineer, and worked as Production engineer and Shift in charge with machines maintenance and production lines, also I took courses in Plumping, HVAC and Fire fighting.

From 24-11-2017 till Now, WAPCO Egypt Group (Aqua Delta water).
Job Title: Line Engineer.
Job description: Incharge of the production and maintenance of the Line ,Blower of water bottles 1.5 and 0.6 litres, labeling, filling, capping, vario pack and palletiser, Line Made in Germany (Krones), Writing daily reports and ,maintain the high efficiency of the line.

From 12-10-2017 till 15-02-2018, Super Technology Group Co. of UAE
Job Title: Production Engineer.
Job description: Handling the production of the CNC machines and ordering the raw materials, also making preventive maintenance and controlling the operating of the machines, contacting with the design and sales departments, writing the daily reports and dealing with the machine software.

From 18-08-2014 till 15-06-2017, Yale Foods ltd of Nigeria.
Job Title: Shift Engineer.
Job Description: In charge of a shift in biscuit factory , controlling the production and maintenance in the factory ,putting weekly maintenance schedules , monthly , other midyear and annually schedules , monitoring the production and the quality of the product plus supervise any maintenance in any machine, attend the factories production meetings and discuss the facing issue and how to solve those issues and improve the products quality and extend the lifetime of the machines, also doing daily reports about the shift and evaluate the workers for monthly bonus.

From 01-04-2012 till 05-08-2014, El-Nasr Salines Co. of Egypt
Job Title: Shift Engineer.
Job Description: In charge of shift in the factory including operating and maintenance of machines in salt refining plant, maintenance of packaging machines which take its motions by pneumatic supply line, pumps and pipe line maintenance, doing weekly maintenance schedules and other monthly, annually schedules, also write the shift daily reports and fix any emergency maintenance that appear during the shift, control the production rate and guarantee that all the machines work in good condition to make sure the high quality of the final product.

From 29-03-2011 till 06-12-2011, Beshay Steel (BS) of Egypt
Job Title: Maintenance Engineer.
Job Description: Maintenance of machines in filtration plant such as pneumatic line, main fans and booster fan, screw conveyors, lubrications and greasing plus monitoring the plant scada, that’s besides doing maintenance schedules and supervise maintenance of the machines, shutdown and emergency maintenance .

From 01-03-2010 till 01-03-2011, Advanced Mechanical Systems Co. of Egypt (AMS)
Job Title: Mechanical Design Engineer.
Job Description: Supervision of mechanical installations and design mechanical parts as required by the clients, solve any problem that the client faces in operating the machines, also draw mechanical parts using AutoCAD.

College: Alexandria University, Faculty of Engineering, Mechanical Dep.2009
Project about: Comparison Study between Air & water cooled Split Air
Conditioning unit Project grade: VERY GOOD

Languages skills:
Arabic: mother tongue, native speaker
English: excellent command in English, reading, writing and speaking

Computer skills:
1 Microsoft office : Word , Excel and PowerPoint
2 AutoCAD
3 Matlab

Training courses & certifications:
1 Primavera: in IAC training center 2007
2 Fire Fighting in EGY CET training center 2016
3 HVAC in EGY CET training center 2016
4 Plumbing in EGY CET training center 2016
5 From 1-8-2006 to 31-8-2006, sedi krier power station.
6 From 1-7-2008 to 15-7-2008, el masria el handasia for cars (El Nasr).

Personal Data:
• Nationality: Egyptian
• Date of Birth: February 16, 1987
• Gender: Male
• Marital Status: Single
• Driving license: Valid (Egyptian license)
• Military Status: Exempted

Personal Skills:
• Interactive and fast enough to learn new technologies and sciences
• Advanced research abilities , high communication skills
• Work flexibility, self motivated ,friendly ,serious and hard working
• Ability to work in a group or individually according to the job requirements

All certificates and references are available upon request.